From the first scanner prototype to the final prototype

The first prototype of iToBoS, conceived at the project’s initial stages was an innovative design that incorporated several arches.

These arches were important in carrying the vision systems, crucial for image acquisition. This design, though novel, faced challenges due to delays in component delivery, prompting a re-evaluation and adaptation of the design to align with the available components.

Learning from the experiences with the arch prototype, the project team then embarked on the development of a final prototype, this time utilizing four collaborative robots, or cobots. This shift to a cobot-based design was not only a response to the availability of components but also an innovative approach to overcome the limitations encountered with the arch design.

The use of cobots offered a more flexible and readily available solution, accelerating the prototyping process. These cobots, available in the market, allowed for a more efficient development timeline, ensuring that the project could move forward with just minor delays.