List of public deliverables developed and presented during the course of the project:

  • D2.1 Privacy, data protection, social and ethical issues preliminary guide for iToBoS design and development.
  • D2.6 Privacy, data protection, social and ethical impact assessment report for iToBoS.
  • D4.4 First Data management plan aligned with FAIR principles and other initiatives including RDA and EOSC.
  • D11.1 Patient Engagement Plan.
  • D11.3 First dedicated training modules for Melanoma Patient Advocates.
  • D12.1 Communication, Dissemination, Outreach and Engagement Plan (1st version).
  • D12.4 Project web site including visual alignment to the strategy with initial content, to be regularly updated.
  • D12.5 Dissemination, outreach and liaison activities report.