iToBoS presented in the Scientific Cultural Calendar of the Spanish embassy in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

iToBoS is presented as a project for the creation of a diagnostic platform to help with the early detection of melanoma.

The platform will integrate a body scanner and a computer-aided diagnosis tool, which will offer a personalized and accurate diagnosis of melanoma. The project is coordinated by the University of Girona and has the participation of the Swiss company Optotune Switzerland.

The newsletter provides more information showing details of the project website. The developments within the project will lead to a precision diagnostic system that will incorporate classical demographic data (age, sex), clinical phenotype (anatomical location of every lesion and skin phototype), genotype (mutations in hereditary melanoma genes and genetic variations in melanoma susceptibility genes) and an imaging phenotype (including number and size of naevi, degree and area of photo-damaged skin, as well as clinical dermoscopic image characteristics of the lesions, acquired by the total-body high-resolution scanner). The combination of all this personalised information will result in an accurate, detailed and structured assessment of the pigmented skin lesions of the patient.

The article highlights that Spain is one of the first countries in the European Union to adopt a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, having numerous infrastructures and projects dedicated to this technology, among which iToBoS is presented.

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