Organization of content on the iToBoS website

Since the publication of content grows day by day, an improved model of organization has been established on the website to make it easier for our audience to find content better.

It consists of the definition and application of a tag system, thus labelling the main content of the website.

While this could be updated as needed, the following has been established so far:

  • Project: News about the iToBoS values, the development of the project, achievements and relevant facts.
  • IT: Content related to information technologies (IT) topics: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, advanced infrastructures, etc.
  • Image Management: Content related to Image Management: detection, acquisition, analysis, quality, algorithms, applications, computer vision, etc.
  • Cancer General content related to cancer or melanoma.
  • Opto-electronics: Contents related to the design and development of optical and electronic solutions.
  • Diagnose: Content related to dermoscopy and cancer diagnosis.
  • Data Management: Content related to data and information management, including security and ethical aspects.
  • Healthcare: Content related to healthcare, including useful information for general audience, prevention or patient engagement.
  • International Framework: Content related to international context, market or regulation, considering different topics of the project.
  • Multi-language: Although the vehicular language of this international project is English, we also offer some articles and content written in other European languages.

We hope it helps!