Isahit participates in iToBoS project to help in the diagnosis of skin cancers

Isahit is very proud to be part of iToBoS project and to contribute to making AI a real support for science and medicine.

Melanoma is responsible for 60% of fatal skin neoplasia; its high capacity to metastasize makes it one of the most aggressive cancers. The increase in life expectancy expands its incidence and makes this cancer a future public health challenge. According to the latest statistics, cutaneous melanoma is currently the sixth most common type of cancer in Europe, with over 144,000 new cases diagnosed in 2018. Fortunately, melanoma can be cured if treated at an early stage. More than 90% of melanoma patients are still alive after 5 years, if treated at an early stage.

For these reasons, early diagnosis is essential to ensure treatment before local and metastatic spread. The comprehensive skin examination, the primary screening mechanism for melanoma, checks each pigmented skin lesion individually for typical signs of melanoma. This technique can be time consuming for patients with atypical mole syndrome or a large number of nevi.

iToBoS project

The iToBoS (Intelligent Total Body Scanner for Early Detection of Melanoma) project aims to train an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of integrating information from different sources, ranging from dermoscopic images and comprehensive medical records to genomics.

The iToBoS project is developing a  platform that includes a novel total body scanner and a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) tool to integrate various data sources such as medical records, genomic data, and in vivo imaging.

The proposed holistic approach will enable physicians to diagnose skin diseases earlier and with greater accuracy, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of personalized clinical decisions.

Isahit’s role and missions on the project

The isahit's role in the project is to annotate the dataset of melanomas and skin lesions recovered by the scanner,  so as to train the AI model to recognize lesions.

Why isahit?

Large community of workers: isahit has a large community of annotators, over 1000 women currently work with us and can annotate a large amount of data.

Diversity of our annotators

The diversity of our annotators (who live in 37 different countries) is a great strength for this project because they can spot and recognize melanomas on different skin types.

The isahit experience

For more than 5 years, isahit has been offering our labelling services to their clients and year after year they gain precision and expertise. Isahit has performed more than 3,000,000 tasks for their clients (+ 350).

Expertise in computer vision

isahit has completed more than 500 computer vision projects and has a unique annotation tool that adapts to the different projects of the clients, their model and their budget. Today, isahit offers all types of annotation types: 2D image annotation, 2 bounding box, 3 bounding box box, polygons, semantic segmentation, points, graph, polylines, OCR transcription, classification, lidar.