Bosch Manufacturing Solutions ATMO

What can the ATMO-2ES bring to the iToBoS project?

In Bosch ATMO division we are specialists in the design, construction and commissioning of assembly systems and special machinery for the production of components mainly for the automotive sector. There are different ATMO units all over the world. Our unit is located in Madrid; therefore our unit code is ATMO-2ES.  

Many of the processes that are implemented in Bosch production lines are based on artificial vision systems, which work together with mechatronic actuators such as robots (classic or collaborative), servomotors... 

So, what can the ATMO-2ES (Bosch) bring to the iToBoS project? Precisely, one of the challenges of the iToBoS project consists of creating a mechatronic system that can move a total of 15 high-resolution cameras to certain positions that a camera position planning algorithm calculates. The poses to which the cameras are directed must have very demanding stability and tolerances due to the high resolution at which the cameras of the iToBoS project will work. 

An example of the experience we have in active positioning processes in assembly processes is a robot-vision system, which places a printed circuit board (PCB) inside a metal casing, dynamically correcting its position and rotation to manufacture a car engine control unit. During this process, a system of cameras mounted on motorized axes acquires images of the PCB and the casing, and an artificial vision algorithm calculates the necessary correction that the robot should make to join both components without damaging them during its assembly.