Empowering Latin American Dermatology: iToBoS Project at Teracilad Congress 2023

Punta Cana, 16-18/11/2023.

The iToBoS work was presented at Teracilad Congress, that took place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, from 16th to 18th November 2023.

The Teracilad Congress serves as an annual nexus for dermatologists across the Ibero-American region. Beyond the enriching experiences and shared clinical insights, the event provides a platform for professionals to stay updated on the latest research and treatments. In this dynamic environment, the collaboration and openness of professionals to exchange knowledge create a fertile ground for advancements in dermatology.

This year the 3rd TeraCILAD Congress was held in Punta Cana, RD, round by vibrant atmosphere, coupled with the enthusiasm of Latin American colleagues, created a unique and unparalleled environment.

Amidst the warm atmosphere and lively decorations, an award-winning presentation emerged, shedding light on the innovative use of artificial intelligence in diagnosing non-melanoma skin cancer and its treatment: "La inteligencia artificial en el diagnóstico del cáncer de piel no melanoma y el tratamiento con HeberFERON" (Artificial Intelligence in the Diagnosis of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer and Treatment with HeberFERON) This groundbreaking work, supported by iToboS project and led by Torus Actions, garnered the prize “Dr. Carlos Bonnet” recognition for the Best Scientific Work.

The success of the award-winning presentation underscores the importance of initiatives like the iToBoS Project in advancing dermatological research. As Latin American dermatologists continue to push the boundaries of their field, collaborative efforts and external support become integral to navigating the challenges and seizing transformative opportunities.

The event was held in Spanish. Find out more at https://teracilad2023.com.