iToBoS presented in Semmelweis University to engage upcoming medical professionals

Budapest, 25/04/2023.

Hungary’s oldest still operating medical and health sciences higher education institution, Semmelweis University, invited SZTAKI deputy director and iToBoS colleague Róbert Lovas to give a presentation about European Union-funded projects that foster medical research and innovation.

An event called 'Network, management, carrier building – conditions, support and batteries' provided university students with the opportunity to get hands-on insight into how EU-funded projects are formed and brought to life and how they are implemented so they can foster medical advancement. In the past 25+ years, Lovas was involved in several IT projects that were focusing on medical innovation and experimental research.

From cancer research to curing health data and modeling the spread of COVID in Hungary, IT projects supported health breakthroughs via multiple aspects in the last two decades. iToBoS is a great example to showcase the fruitful collaboration of IT-aided solutions and human medicine for solving medical problems, namely, to increase the effectiveness of the early detection of melanoma.

Hopefully, prospective medical professionals now have this avenue in mind when they are deciding on their career paths.

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