IToBoS project held its 1st Advisory Board meeting


The iToBoS project held its first Advisory Board meeting.

Isahit participates in iToBoS project to help in the diagnosis of skin cancers


Isahit is very proud to be part of iToBoS project and to contribute to making AI a real support for science and medicine.

Postdoctoral position with experience in machine learning


The University of Girona has currently open a full-time Postdoctoral position with experience in Machine Learing in the Computer Vision and Robotics Institute (VICOROB). This position is offered under the framework of EU H2020 project iToBoS (“Intelligent Total Body Scanner for Early Detection of Melanoma”).

iToBoS: privacy considerations using Total Body Photography


A clinical protocol was created for the iToBoS Project at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, one of the objectives of which is to acquire full-body images of patients to use them as a protected database.

[PT] iToBoS-Projeto financiado pela UE visa criar uma ferramenta holística de diagnóstico e avaliação para deteção precoce de melanoma


iToBoS é um projeto de investigação financiado pelo programa de investigação e inovação Horizonte 2020 da União Europeia. Este projeto tem como objetivo construir uma nova ferramenta de diagnóstico para a deteção precoce do melanoma, explorando todas as informações disponíveis do paciente.

Towards the Interpretability of Deep Learning Models for Human Neuroimaging


The work “Towards the Interpretability of Deep Learning Models for Human Neuroimaging“, with the support of iToBoSproject, has been published at bioRxiv.

Deliverable “D1.3 Innovation and IPR Management Report” submitted


The deliverable “D1.3 Innovation and IPR Management Report” has been successfully submitted.

[PL] Zaawansowane narzędzia do wczesnego wykrywania czerniaka


Skuteczne badania przesiewowe i wczesne wykrywanie mają kluczowe znaczenie w walce z nowotworami.

[FR] Le Numérique Responsable


Occupant une place prépondérante dans notre société, l’informatique et le numérique sont utilisés par la quasi-totalité des secteurs, dont celui de l’intelligence artificielle. Bien que présentant de nombreux atouts, le numérique cause de lourds dégâts : pollution environnementale et problèmes sociaux. Un numérique responsable est-il possible ?

The AI Challenge


Melanoma detection is hard, and spotting it early can save lives.