Optotune AG

About us

Optotune develops and manufactures industry shaping active optical components that allow customers around the globe to innovate. Founded in 2008, it started out with its core technology of focus tunable liquid lenses, which was inspired by the working principle of the human eye. Whether electrically or mechanically actuated, the advantages of tunable liquid lenses over traditional optics are striking. Optotune's lenses can be taylored to specific demands in terms of size, tuning range, transmission range or speed.

Nowadays, the ever growing product portfolio of Optotune includes many other active optical components like laser speckle reducers, 2D mirrors for laser beam or imaging path steering, tunable prisms and beam shifters. These products are used in a wide range of fields: machine vision, microscopy, laser processing, ophthalmology, medical sciences, image projection, AR/VR, compact camera modules and the automotive industry. Thanks to a deep understanding of optics and mechanics and a passion for technology, Optotune is the ideal partner when it comes to solving challenges where conventional optics fail.

Learn more about us at www.optotune.com.

Main role in the project

Optotune will provide the lenses for the image acquisition system of the iToBoS full body dermatoscope. These lenses will be based on Optotune’s proprietary liquid lens technology that allows for fast (~20 ms) and reliable focus (+/-0.1 dpt). In particular, Optotune will develop an new version of the currently available EL-16-40-TC in which the new Gravity Compensation technology will be implemented. With this upgrade, the lenses can be used in any orientation without the intrinsic drawback of liquid lenses of gravity induced coma aberrations.

Around this lens, Optotune will design a lens module to fulfill the imaging conditions of the dermatoscope: a wide working distance range that allows to focus to different parts of the body of the patient, high resolution and aberration free imaging throughout the visible range. The final goal is to help provide the dermathologists with high quality images.

Finally, Optotune will assist the rest of the hardware partners in designing the camera system and in integrating the lenses.