Universitat de Girona (ES)

About us

The Computer Vision and Robotics Research Group (VICOROB) is a research group from the University of Girona (www.udg.edu/en), Spain. VICOROB is a leading scientific laboratory both at national and international levels. Among different research areas, it focuses on the development of systems and methodologies for image acquisition and processing, image segmentation, registration and description, pattern recognition, object classification, stereo processing, 3D structure reconstruction and mobile robotics. VICOROB has a particularly strong expertise in medical image processing strengthened by an ongoing collaboration with several medical institutions on the national and European levels.  Especially relevant is the research work on clinical, dermoscopic and multispectral skin image analysis for skin cancer recognition. Moreover, the research group has a proven record of successful international project development in robotics, medical imaging and machine vision.

Learn more about us at https://vicorob.udg.edu.

Main role in the project

UDG is the coordinating partner, and will be leading in all managerial, coordination and reporting activities and heavily involved in communication and exploitation activities. On the technical side, the UDG will be responsible for the specification of system requirements and overall system architecture of iToBoS. It will also be involved in all other aspects of the project, namely in image data anonymization, overseeing the development of the total body scanner, all main aspects of 3D full body mapping and lesion processing, AI learning aspects, and overseeing both technical validation and clinical feasibility and validation activities.