University of Trieste- Department of medical Sciences

About us

The University of Trieste is an acknowledged centre of excellence at a national level and it aims to keep growing and investing in research and innovation for the general well-being of our society. Among its research infrastructures, the department of medical sciences (DSM) is a Department of Excellence operating in the smart health area, in particular active on biomedical issues, in vitro and in vivo diagnosis, bioinformatics and the development of innovative therapies. In this frame, the DSM is funding the realization of a learning hub equipped for simulation activities and based on artificial intelligence, able to realistically show a number of patients’ aspects and so letting students and researchers develop strong clinical skills in a secure environment.

The DSM works also on the development and implementation of a personalized medicine to clarify the unknown mechanism of specific pathologies, hence taking into consideration the environmental and genetic variability, as well as the personal lifestyle.

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Main role in the project

The team of the University of Trieste will contribute with the clinical issues of the project collecting patients’  data, taking care of safety, ethical and data protection issues. Specifically, workflow and protocols related to clinics and molecular analyses will be generated in agreement with the other clinical partners to actuate the project.  Furthermore, the team is also contributing to disseminate the project and its results.