[HU] Mesterséges intelligenciával a melanóma korai felismerésére

The impact of the iToBoS project in Hungary continued through new publications in numerous broad-spectrum national digital newspapers and magazines.

[HU] Mesterséges intelligenciát használó eszköz készül a melanóma korai felismerésére

iToBoS project has been presented in Hungary with the article “Mesterséges intelligenciát használó eszköz készül a melanóma korai felismerésére”.

iToBoS project at Good Clinical Practice Network

iToBoS project and its Clinical Data Acquisition Study have been presented in the Good Clinical Practice Network.

Organization of content on the iToBoS website

Since the publication of content grows day by day, an improved model of organization has been established on the website to make it easier for our audience to find content better.

iToBoS: the first prospective clinical study with VECTRA 360

Intelligent Total Body Scanner (iToBoS) System is a larger international project for developing an artificial intelligence (AI) assisted diagnostic platform for the early detection of melanoma. 

Skin cancer AI tool tells you more about your cancer risk

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. The rate of skin cancer increased dramatically during the latest four decades and continues to rise in many places nowadays. Due to the lack of dermatologists and frequent misdiagnosis, many people may have skin cancer without knowing it.

Isahit participates in iToBoS project to help in the diagnosis of skin cancers

Isahit is very proud to be part of iToBoS project and to contribute to making AI a real support for science and medicine.

Postdoctoral position with experience in machine learning

The University of Girona has open a full-time Postdoctoral position with experience in Machine Learing in the Computer Vision and Robotics Institute (VICOROB). 

iToBoS: privacy considerations using Total Body Photography

A clinical protocol was created for the iToBoS Project at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, one of the objectives of which is to acquire full-body images of patients to use them as a protected database.

[PT] iToBoS-Projeto financiado pela UE visa criar uma ferramenta holística de diagnóstico e avaliação para deteção precoce de melanoma

iToBoS é um projeto de investigação financiado pelo programa de investigação e inovação Horizonte 2020 da União Europeia. Este projeto tem como objetivo construir uma nova ferramenta de diagnóstico para a deteção precoce do melanoma, explorando todas as informações disponíveis do paciente.