The iToBoS scanner prototype


The prototype of the total body scanner of the iToBoS project, aimed at the early detection of melanoma, continues to be developed and improved.

iToBoS impact in 2023


As we approach the end of the year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the journey and some achievements of the Intelligent Body Scanner for Early Detection of Melanoma (iToBoS) project throughout 2023.

Great media coverage of the iToBoS project


The iToBoS project is having a significant media impact.

Brain2Music: reconstructing music from human brain activity


How we experience music is an interesting topic in neuroscience, and with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is possible the exciting task of reconstructing music from brain activity.

SkinGAN Project using LaMa-Fourier


The goal of this project is to help protect the privacy of customers by removing tattoos that would enable them to be identified. This is an important issue when managing personal images, as is the case with the iToBoS.

3D-aware Conditional Image Synthesis


Image-to-image translation models can output a high-resolution generated image given a 2D label map as an input.

No tan is safe – here’s what to do instead


Here at iToBoS, we strongly suggest you avoid getting a suntan. You certainly need some sunshine in your life, but UV dose high enough to cause a tan is already much higher than the dose needed for vitamin D production.

iToBoS participated in the Workshop "Reflection on future collaboration and support actions" organized by the EC


The European Commission has organised a series of 3 invitation-only online workshops for consortium members of EU-funded projects and initiatives on data-driven approaches in Cancer Research and data infrastructures relevant to cancer.

EfficientNetV2: Smaller Models & Faster Training


EfficientNet was first proposed in the original paper of Mingxing Tan & Quoc V Le in 2019, namely EfficientNet: Rethinking Model Scaling for Convolutional Neural Networks.

Exploiting EfficientNet Models: A powerful tool for skin lesion diagnosis


iToBoS is exploring the use of EfficientNet models for pigmented skin lesion classification. This family of models, developed by Google researchers, are deep learning architectures that offer exceptional performance.